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We are proud of our Gregory K law firm Simmons, PC and our community. Gregory K. Simmons, a lawyer, brought his long experience to court and dealt with thousands of cases for years. Our services include, but are not limited to: Problem of Crime Defense - State, Federal, Military family law Business Act Immigration Control Act inspectionof





Excellent service and friendly support. I had to do three different deals with Mr. Simmons, and every time I was successful. I recommend him and his law firm to many people and will continue to do so. His staff is rich in information, great and useful for daily work. I haven't had any problems with them for the last three years. I am very pleased with my success after I have finished my business with Mr. Simmons. And if there are any future legal issues, I would like him and his staff to be consulted and provided with advice, assistance and other services.

01/02/2021 02:31pm